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Superbbit services for your convenience and comfort

Exchange solutions

Superbbit helps persons achieve the ultimate exchange experience for their customers. We offer a simple exchange process making cryptocurrency quick and convenient.

Crypto payout

We provide you with the opportunity to withdraw fiat funds and receive popular cryptocurrencies instead. Save your balance of payments in fiat money and top it up with SWIFT and SEPA transfers in any currency.

Speedy exchange

Instant exchange by any method available to you

Multiple exchange methods

Change your cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world, quickly and conveniently!

One-click exchange

Without wasting time and unnecessary information.

Fiat Deposit

You can deposit any fiat currency like USD, EUR, GBP.

Benefits you can feel immediately in Supebbit Exchange

Our European license guarantees you and your finances complete security!

Transaction speed

We use advanced technology to set up a speedy transaction. Once the block with your transaction is confirmed by the network, it’s fully settled and the funds are available to use.

The best exchange rates and minimum transfer fees

We use best Crypto liquidity’s and secure suppliers. Different blockchain networks help us set up transactions for minimum fees.

Reliable security

With custodial wallets our users have complete control over their funds and private key.

Inflation protection

We have advanced technology to minimize any inflation waves.

We associate your personal goals with finances

Easily exchange cryptocurrencies on 120+ crytpo and sleep safe knowing we can’t access your funds.

Explore various opportunities to broaden your horizons more global with us

Exchange for quality and speed

We are doing cryptocurrency exchange as fast as no one else is doing on the market

Complete security

Our service is protected by many levels of protection that will provide your funds and your data with full protection


Easy and friendly onboarding that anyone can handle. We can also note its speed, which many may envy

Superb Payments UAB is not affiliated with third parties, including (but not limited to) gambling, forex brokers, or any other service providers. When working with cryptocurrency, we strongly recommend users to thoroughly check everything and, in case of suspicion of fraud, refuse the transaction. By agreeing to the transaction, you accept all possible risks associated with it.